Other Specialised Licenses

With its aim to promote the development and efficiency of the financial institutions and capital markets in Mauritius, the Financial Services Commission is constantly reviewing the activities authorized for a Global Business Company and the related licences so as to better meet the current market requirements of the global business partners. Over the years, the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius has developed a comprehensive array of specialized Global Business Licenses with details as below.

Financial Service Providers / Activities

  • Assets Management
  • Distribution of Financial Products
  • Pension Scheme Administrators
  • Registrar and Transfer Agent
  • Treasury Management
  • Custodian Services (non-CIS)
  • Global Headquarters Administration
  • Global Treasury Activities
  • Global Legal Advisory Services
  • Funeral Scheme Management
  • Overseas family office (single)
  • Overseas family office (multiple)
  • Custody Services (Digital Asset)

Collective Investment Schemes and Closed-End Funds

  • CIS (Single fund)
  • CIS (having more than 1 fund)
  • CIS (Protected Cell Company)
  • Closed-end fund (Single Fund)
  • Closed-end fund (having more than 1 fund)
  • Closed-end fund (Protected Cell Company)

CIS Functionaries and Professionals

  • Custodian
  • CIS Manager
  • CIS Administrator (Approval)

Specialised Financial Services / Institutions

  • Credit Finance
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Actuarial Services
  • Credit Rating Agencies/Rating Agencies
  • Payment Intermediary Services
  • Representative Office (for financial services provided by a person established in a foreign jurisdiction)
  • Other Financial Business Activity

Insurers / Reinsurers

  • External Insurance Business
  • Professional Reinsurer
  • Insurance Manager
  • Insurance Agent (Company)
  • Insurance Broker

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