Anti-Money Laundering / Combating Financing of Terrorism - (AML/CFT) Initiatives

The Financial Services Commission fully supports international initiatives to prevent money laundering and to combat terrorist financing and as a responsible management company, VA Global has the duty and responsibility to work with appropriate care and diligence to ensure that neither it nor any services offered by it are used by anyone who is a criminal or whose intentions are to launder the proceeds of crime or to engage in terrorist financing.

To fulfill this objective, VA Global internal AML/CFT policies, procedures and controls have been based on the legal framework in Mauritius and also on international AML/CFT initiatives like the Financial Action Task Force to mention just one. Some of the core principles governing VA Global internal AML/CFT policies and procedures are:

In support to above, VA Global is highly conscious of the fact that knowing its customers is essential to the prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. Effective customer due diligence being a key element of VA Global internal AML/CFT system, we are constantly reviewing our CDD measures to ensure that they are kept in line with best practices. VA Global complies with all due diligence requirements as per national and international norms prior to accepting a client.

While the above is a prerequisite for the protection of our clients’ interests and the safeguarding of the reputation of Mauritius as a reliable centre for financial services, we are fully aware that additional due diligence measures do to some extent represent additional burden for you when deciding to set-up a global business company in Mauritius. Please do not allow these additional measures to impede on your decision in any way since we do make it our duty to ensure that we do not make things more difficult than is absolutely necessary. The Regulations are here to stay and we hope that by working with us we can all at least try to stay ahead of the game by taking a sensible lead and attempting to have reasonable procedures adopted by all parties.

We thank you very much for your kind understanding and collaboration in above and should you have any idea on how we can improve in the future, please feel free to let us know. We always take on board our clients’ comments since at the end of the day we are in business only because of you.

Money Laundering Reporting Officer - VA Global Business Limited

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