Mauritius Relocation

Mauritius is an ideal destination for your relocation project, be it for professional expats wishing to work or settle their business as well as for retirees. Reputed for its political stability, mesmerising landscapes, cultural diversity, tropical climate, welcoming population, sustained economic growth and conducive business environment, the island of Mauritius has all the major attractiveness to seduce expatriates

Whether you are planning to relocate for the first time or you are an expat used to moving to other countries for your work, VA Global has the experience to make your relocation to Mauritius simple and pleasant. We are fully aware of the fact that making an international move, with or without family, can prove to be a tedious exercise if not planned properly. This is why we strive to provide you with a personalised moving service while assisting you every single step of the way so that you can enjoy a stress-free move to our paradise island.

The key to making your international move stress free and successful is that we are very meticulous in our approach. We do ensure that we draw up a detailed Move Plan entirely based on your needs and costs requirements while at all times keeping it adapted to the prevailing conditions in Mauritius to avoid any unpleasant surprise. We take care of all practical arrangements (including packing, transport, storage, shipping, customs clearance and related services) so as to ease the process and offer you the highest quality services from start to finish.

Our professional and seamless services include the following:

Business relocation

  1. Complete business package including local company registration, bank account opening, accountancy and other related services to ensure a good kick off for your new business;
  2. Find offices with all required amenities as per your specifications;
  3. Assist if required for any local recruitment;
  4. Set up and run the payroll;
  5. Ensure that your new business comply with all the requirements of the local authority
  6. Provide guidance on every step so as to help you and your team more easily settle in your new environment.

Staff relocation

  1. Organise your staff Work Permit;
  2. Help expat staffs find an apartment or house;
  3. Assist in personal bank account opening with local banks.

Self & Family relocation

  1. Provide general information about the country including housing, real estate opportunities, entertainment, shopping, culture, medical or any other service to help improve your lifestyle
  2. Taking care of your Occupation Permits and Residence Permits as required;
  3. Organise visas as relevant;
  4. Look for accommodation to best suit self/family requirements;
  5. Connection of Utilities, TV, broadband and other required amenities;
  6. Coordination of 3rd party services (e.g. painters, gardeners, carpenters, etc);
  7. Bank account opening; ;
  8. Provide guidance on schooling options;
  9. Import and customs clearance of personal belongings and vehicles;
  10. Assist with the overall move management.

Note:Irrespective of the period of the year in which the GBC Company has been incorporated, the yearly renewal period is July – June.

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