Due Diligence

VA Global Business has an obligation under the Prevention of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Regulations to ensure that we "Know Our Client" in order to protect ourselves in the event that any of our clients should use a global business structure for the purposes of money laundering, drug dealing, terrorist financing or any other illegal activity. When establishing a business relationship with a client and also on an ongoing basis, we are required to apply appropriate Customer Due Diligence measures on the business relationship, including identifying and verifying the identity of the client and all related parties.

Personal Identification Documentation:

Corporate Identification Documentation

Certification of documents

Where any of the Individual/Corporate Identification Document is not in an original form, the documentation must be appropriately certified as true copies of the original documentation.

Copies must be certified by a suitable person, such as a lawyer, notary, actuary, an accountant or any other person holding a recognized professional qualification.

The certifier should sign the copy document and clearly indicate his name, address and position or capacity on it together with contact details.

Updated Due Diligence Documents

As part of on-going monitoring, updated Identification Documents will be required from existing clients. Updated documentation is normally required every 3 years unless there is an exceptional reason for which the documents may be required earlier.


All documents provided to VA Global are kept highly confidential and neither the statutory records of a global business company nor details on the company’s Directors, Shareholders, Beneficial Owners are publicly accessible. The only circumstances under which we are required to divulge such information are in response to a properly authorised investigation which has first been approved by the financial regulator of the jurisdiction concerned or which is required to be provided by law.

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