Company Secretary

VA Global Business offers global business companies under its administration with corporate secretary services. For an Aurhorised Company, it is not mandatory to have a company Secretary but for a Global Business Corporation, it is the management company which needs to act as Company Secretary. As Company Secretary, some of the responsibilities of VA Global Business would be maintaining the company’s statutory registers, updating the records held by the Registrar of Companies and Financial Services Commission, maintaining the registered office, managing and storing the company’s records, organising the company’s board meetings and keeping updated the minutes book.

Corporate Director

VA Global Business provides Corporate Director services. If you do not want to have the administrative hassle of acting as Director in your global business company, VA Global can assist in providing a Corporate Director to act as Director in your company. Upon our appointment as Director, we do provide a Declaration of Trust whereby we give assurance that we shall act only upon the instructions given by the Principal and his/her executors, administrators and successors while ensuring that the instructions fall within the local requirements and legislation.

For a Global Business Corporation (GBC), it is required to have at least two Mauritian Directors appointed in the GBC for tax treaty purposes and VA Global Business takes care for the appointment of the 2 resident directors as needed in a GBC.

Corporate Shareholder

VA Global Business does also provide the services of Corporate Shareholder to be appointed in a global business company. Our appointment as shareholder offers the beneficial owner with less worry on the paperwork which normally needs to be taken care of by a shareholder. When VA Global Business is appointed as Shareholder, we do provide a Declaration of Trust whereas, VA Global as shareholder does give confirmation that it will transfer, deal with or dispose of the shares as instructed and/or agreed by the Principal.

Legalisation & Apostille

Given the international operations of global business companies, it is a common requirement for documents to be legalized and apostiled. Apostille is an international certification which is accepted by countries which are members of the Hague Convention and it is interesting to note that the convention is in force for all members of the European Union.


Mauritius is reputed for its sound and reliable financial & banking system. This is even more emphasized by the presence of renowned international banks as well as award-winning local banks which are actively carrying out international cross border activities. In addition to traditional banking facilities, most of the banks in Mauritius offer card-based payment services, such as credit and debit cards while providing internet banking facilities with the added advantages of easy access to the accounts.

VA Global works with all the licensed banks in Mauritius and we can assist in account opening for any bank of your preference so long as you/your company meets the onboarding requirements of the bank. Our banking services are not only for companies registered in Mauritius but we can also assist for account opening for companies registered outside Mauritius as well as for personal bank account opening for non-residents.

Virtual Office

VA Global Business has been supporting start up and existing businesses to take advantage of its expertise along with our low set up costs, offering facilities like:

Accountancy and Auditing

Global Business Companies are required to have their financial statements audited and filed with the Financial Services Commission annually. VA Global acts as the liaison person between your global business company and the Accountant/Auditor to ensure that the accounts preparation and audit is carried out smoothly and all filing done within due date. For Authorised Companies where filing of financial Summaries is required, VA Global takes full care of this exercise to ensure that all filing requirements are duly met.

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