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Established since 2006, VA Global Business is a trusted and reliable management company in Mauritius, with the aim of providing company registration, administration and management services for offshore companies in Mauritius such as Global Business Corporation, Authorised Company, Re-domiciliation of companies to Mauritius, Global Funds, Protected Cell companies and Trusts.

With VA Global Business as your global business partner, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and you can leave all the hassles of company formation, administration & related management services of your global business company in Mauritius to us while you concentrate on more strategic decisions for your company growth.

What we do

We Specialise in the following Company Registration & Related Services

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Previously known as GBC 1, a Global Business Corporation is held or controlled by a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius, business conducted principally outside Mauritius but effective control & management from Mauritius…….

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Authorised Company

Introduced in replacement of the Global Business Company Category 2 (GBC 2), an Authorised Company is held or controlled by a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius, with place of effective management and business principally outside Mauritius….

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Most commonly set up as part of a long-term wealth management strategy, helping to preserve wealth through the generations without the problems usually created by taxation, succession laws, expropriation and foreign exchange controls….

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GBL with specialised licences

These are increasingly becoming popular in demand and common trend nowadays is more for specialised licenses like Investment Adviser, Investment Dealer, Payment Intermediary Services……

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Mauritius Redomiciliation

A Company incorporated under the laws of any country other than Mauritius, may apply to the Registrar to be registered and continue as, a company in Mauritius as if it had been incorporated in Mauritius….

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Mauritius Relocation

Mauritius is an ideal destination for your relocation project, be it for professional expats wishing to work or settle their business as well as for retirees. Reputed for its political stability….

We offer a wide variety of support services, here are some of our most requested:

Corporate Director & Shareholder

If you do not want to have the administrative hassle of acting as Director or Shareholder in your company, we are here to assist you as per the terms of the Declaration of Trust, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Legalisation & Apostille

Given the international operations of global business companies, it is a common requirement for documents to be legalized and apostilled and such international certification helps promote business across borders.


Be among those lucky ones taking advantage of the reliable & sophisticated banking system in Mauritius with easy internet banking facilities along with debit/credit card options. We also offer account opening facilities for companies registered in or outside Mauritius and for personal accounts as well.

Accountancy & related services

Leave the worry of your accounts and audit requirements with VA Global which will act as the liaison person between your company and the Accountant/Auditor to ensure that the accounts preparation and audit are carried out smoothly and all filing done within due date.

Business Support

Registering the company is a first step but we are here to accompany you post the company registration process for any other services needed to ensure you reap the most of your business venture in Mauritius. This ranges from services like office set-up, phone & fax facilities, VISA application to any other service needed to ensure the smooth running of your business.


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